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My husband Jason began upholstery before we met when he decided to remodel his apartment. He wanted to reupholster his kitchen sofa and stools, and before he knew it, he had redone almost all of his furniture.

Jason opened an upholstery shop and started to work, learning along the way.

 He knew how to sew and honed his skills by teaching himself. By the time I met him three years later, he mostly did automobile upholstery, so we had a lot of leather leftovers, which I used to make leather goods, wallets, and purses. During this time, I was at a college, but after graduation, I began helping my husband with upholstery, and we became a team.


We were both born in Ukraine.
9 years ago, a war began in our hometown. Our city was blocked, and it was almost impossible to go in or out. Thank God our attempt to emigrate was successful, and we became residents of America five years ago, which we are endlessly grateful for! We love the United States, and we are happy to live here!

English was all but absent in the Ukraine, so we started to learn the language and work. Before we lived in Florida, we lived in Syracuse, NY, for one year, where we worked in a furniture upholstery shop. Here in Florida, we worked together in a marine upholstery shop and then for a classic car company.

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Of course, all this time, we dreamed to have our own company. Finally, over two years ago, we did it: we opened our business!


I always was, is, and will be happy to be partners with my husband, and I know it’s mutual. We are really close. It so happened that we were born on the same day, have the same worldview, and same goals. When we work on something together, we complement each other’s skills and ideas, which helps us create something interesting and unique. This May, we celebrated our 12-year anniversary as a union.

I have been practicing upholstery for these 12 years, and Jason has even more experience at 15 years.

As styles and techniques rapidly change, we always have so much to learn, yet both of us are highly motivated to be extremely qualified in what we do. We’ve done top luxury car interiors, aircrafts, exclusive furniture, yachts, handcrafted wall coverings and more.


On this path we came to interior design and now we are completely focused on wall paneling and custom bedroom sets. We love what we do and happy to bring the joy of  cozy living and unique atmosphere to our customers. 

From very beginning, we have always focused on high quality and attention to detail. I believe our company  DEMVELStyle will continue to grow into something bigger than just upholstery shop to create truly remarkable things.

Thank you!


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