We are happy to present our new creation:

DEMVEL Style Designed Coffee Table  

Exclusive leather table with 3D effect and tan glass top.  

Ultimate elegancy and luxe rolled into one. 

  •  Hand-stitched square by square to create 3D effect on the leather (swipe left to see detailed photo). Very unique feature 

  •  Vintage distressed English style leather

  •  1/2” thick tan glass top, highly durable

  •  Color changing LED lights on the bottom, with app control and remote

  •  Wheels on the bottom of the coffee table for convenient movements

  • And, of course, the best quality of performance with attentiveness to each detail


This luxurious and truly exclusive table is available for order . We’ll be happy to assist you with any questions!

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Exclusive Ottoman
Designed and performed by us.
The ottoman was made with top quality materials.

As fabric we used Italian Alcantara, it's unique and very durable. Stingray leather is very unusual and beautiful, its beads shimmer in the light almost like diamonds. And metal profiles play of light and shade no matter if it's day or night.