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5 Trendy Ways To Revamp Your Post-Pandemic Home Decor

With the pandemic forcing offices to go remote and schools to close, Americans spent a lot of time at home in 2020. If all those hours stuck in your house have you ready to give your decor a trendy new look, these tips from DEMVEL can help get you started.


1. Go Big

Maximalist looks are in this summer. This aesthetic blends bold colors with playful designs and creative flair. If you love mixing prints, now is your chance to use contrasting patterns and scales. Choosing designs that share common tones helps pull the look together. Try combining large-scale wall decor with small-scale details to produce fun layers. Don't forget to spruce up your furniture. Cover those boring wood tones with fun paint jobs that complement the rest of your design. If you don't have much artistic talent, consider using stencils.

2. Spice Up Your Walls

Boring paint jobs are out. Make your walls more interesting by adding wallpaper. There are thousands of designs to choose from, and you can mix and match to your heart's content. You can even order print-on-demand designs for a completely custom look, and because they print it when you order it, you don't have to worry that the design you want is out of stock. If you're worried about the difficulty of hanging wallpaper, try a peel-and-stick variety that is easy to apply, remove or reposition.

Alternatively, if you're really looking to make a statement, consider a handcrafted upholstered wall panels from DEMVEL. These coverings are luxurious and fashionable, and the wide

selection of textures and colors makes it possible to match them to any design aesthetic.

3. Add Drama to Your Living Room With Sculptural Furniture

If you've always thought the Deetze family from the movie "Beetlejuice" was ahead of their time, the sculptural furniture trend might be for you.

These pieces featuring artistic and organic shapes

give any home a dramatic look. Add ceramics or other art pieces on a window shelf or behind some glass to transform your living space into a functional art museum.

4. Go Rustic

If the more modern styles don't appeal to you, consider the rustic vogue trend. This is an ideal look for people who enjoy modern amenities but prefer a more old-world charm vibe. This look works best in homes that already have features such as original floorboards, exposed beams or paneled walls, but it can also work in more modern homes with a bit of creative styling. Reclaimed wood is an ideal material to use for this design. Search for unique pieces with lots of texture and grain.

5. Try a Tropical Look

According to industry experts, almost half of all Americans canceled their summer travel plans in 2020. It's no surprise that many people are longing for a tropical getaway. Bring the tropics to your home by mixing lush bright colors with soft lemons and subtle monotones. Tropical floral and leaf patterns are a popular choice for this look. Finish off the design by adding tropical-themed decor.

Whether you are longing to get away or just want to kick off your post-pandemic lifestyle by transforming the look of your home, one of these on-trend design tips is a great place to start. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, try mixing and matching to create your own unique style.

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