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How to Redecorate Your Rental Apartment to Fit Your Needs

Rentals never feel like home until they can match your tastes and cater to your needs. Redecorating a place is a labor of love, and – while somewhat time-consuming – will be well worth it in the end. Here are some actionable suggestions on how to redo your new (or old) rental apartment without blowing your deposit:

Double-check your contract

First things first – Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing notes to check your lease agreement about what you can and can’t do with your rental. You’re bound to the terms of your tenancy after you sign on the dotted line, and you may lose your deposit if you don’t keep to them. This is relevant because some landlords are strict about redecorations and don’t allow changes other than new furniture. Painting the walls, changing the fixtures, and similar “permanent” decorations may not be an option – but you may be able to get your home prettier, and more organized, with some creativity.

Create a budget, beginning with the new home search

Next, we recommend coming up with a budget. If you’re first looking for a new living space, start there. You can simplify your search for rentals by visiting apartment directory sites and setting your price range so you only see properties within your budget, as well as other parameters like number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and other amenities, so you don’t waste time on incompatible properties.

Most renters must prioritize keeping a roof over their heads, and can’t always afford to blow money on fancy knick-knacks. Nailing down a budget before you start decorating prevents you from overspending, not to mention forces you to get creative with less.

Get everyone’s input

Finally, if you live with other people – say, your family, or roommates – it’s a good idea to get everyone on board with the redecoration plan. Accommodating everyone’s needs is important when you’re sharing a house and want everyone to be happy (or at least to keep the peace!).

Start decorating

Let the creative juices flow. We offer some suggestions on how to match your home to your needs:

1. When you work from home

Creating a distinct work area in your home gives you privacy, eliminates distractions, and keeps all your work items organized to maximize your productivity. You can convert an unused room into your home office or just section off an unused corner. Get a desk, some potted plants, add ventilation and lighting, put up a meaningful picture or painting, and finally consider some ergonomic furniture so you’re comfortable after long hours of work. Keep in mind that home office tax deductions are calculated by how much space your office takes up in your home.

2. For the kids

Kids love shiny, beautiful, and colorful decorations – but they need to be durable and easy to clean. They also need to play, so focus on keeping them busy. Apartment Therapy explains that some ways to decorate for kids are painting the furniture, putting up colorful decals, adding wallpapers, putting down a soft (and comfy) rug, adding a rocking chair or a swing, and creating a cubby where they can draw, relax, or play.

3. For entertaining guests

You typically entertain guests in the living room, although outdoor party areas like patios and decks are adventurous, fun alternatives. The best way to decorate for entertainment purposes is to focus on intimacy and comfort. Add tasteful lighting to set the mood, comfortable seating to put them at ease, a fresh bouquet on the table to liven things up, and some scented candles for a lovely fragrance.

4. For more relaxation and recuperation

You can turn your home into an oasis of peace with some simple tweaks: Decluttering, adding verdant plants, introducing soft lighting, creating a technology-free zone, putting some flowers in a vase, favoring natural wooden furniture, preferring natural breathable fabrics like cotton over synthetics, having a mini garden in your balcony, putting up some privacy buffers like curtains, and putting on some nice music. A snug, classic hammock chair from a known brand would be icing on the cake, allowing you to sit back, put your feet up, and relax after a long day at work. You can also invest in a luxurious custom bed and bedroom set from Demvel Style Design!


When you take on redecorating your rental home, remember to double-check your lease agreement, create a budget, and get input from all those living with you. And as a parting tip, pick decorations, items, or fixtures that are portable or easy to dismantle. That way, you can take them with you when you move on to a new rental sometime down the road, and spend less time and energy cleaning up after yourself. Happy redecorating!

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