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The whole design of this room was created by our company to emphasize the beauty of this luxurious bed.

The set can be made with or without metal background. In this case we used black metal. Options with gold, chrome, titanium or pink gold are also available.

Every bedroom set from our collection can be customized to your wall sizes and preferred measurements.

King / Queen size bed

Artistic Headboard is available in a few sizes:
1) 144" wide / 76.5" high
2) 144" wide / 60" high
3) King or Queen size wide / 76.5" high
4) King or Queen size wide / 60" high

Each luxurious bedroom set is available to be customize.

Nightstand 23" High / 26" Wide / 17" Deep

This exclusive set comes in gorgeous suede or natural leather. Color variations are available to your taste.


If you are interested in Wood Paneling or Starry Galaxy Ceiling please get in touch to discuss those options.


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